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Over the years I have learned to greatly value him [Meshulam] for his responsibility and knowledge. In preparing two of my books for the press (one in English and one in Hebrew) …

he completed [several] tasks demanding concentration and accuracy to my complete satisfaction. (Professor H. Fisch, formerly Rector Bar Ilan University)

Meshulam's editing work displays not only the technical accuracy and knowledge of style issues necessary for professionally published works to provide a positive reading experience, it also reflects the knowledge of Torah necessary to enhance the credibility of an author's content by clarifying intended meaning for a broader audience.

Daniella S. Barak

Editorial & Production Director

Simcha Publishing Company

(Devora Publishing Company, ARTZY Books & Pitspopany Press)

"Rabbi Meshulam Gotlieb ... is a talented editor as well as a wise and patient man. Working with him was both a pleasure and a unique learning experience for me." (Rabbi S. Hammer, Vayaged Yehonatan, 2008)

"Many thanks go to my excellent editor Rabbi Meshulam Gotlieb. This is the third book we have worked on together and my appreciation for his professionalism and expertise continues to grow. In addition to editing, Rabbi Gotlieb also researched matters and added many fine segments that enhanced the material greatly." (Rabbi A.A. Trugman, Secrets of the Magen David, 2012)

He did "an amazing job not only in finding the right words to say what I meant to say, but also in helping bring out the ideas most accurately and arrang[ing] the material comprehensively. The Index and Glossary are valuable additions and well done!" (Rabbi H. Perlmutter, PhD, Grow with Gemara, 2005)

He possesses a profound sensitivity for literary and textual analysis … and on the professional level demonstrates responsibility, loyalty, diligence, and punctuality … [often] giving more than is required. (Rabbi Dr. P. Hayman, Department of Talmud, Bar Ilan University)

"Meshulam Gotlieb ably edited the English section." (Rabbi Dr. Joseph Tabory, Kenishta - Studies of the Synagogue World 4, 2010)

Meshulam Gotlieb has been translating my articles on Jewish Law and Halakhah for about ten years. He is proficient and knowledgeable in the writings of the Sages, the responsa literature, the halakhic corpus and more. On his own inititative, he has added aspects that had not occurred to me. His translations are professional and uncompromising. He leaves no stone unturned to discover the precise meaning of the text to be translated. He is extremely dedicated and his labor enhances the work far beyond that of a simple translation. I heartily recommend him. (Rabbi Dr. Yitshak Cohen, Senior Lecturer at Ono Academic College and Visiting Scholar at Columbia University)

I would like to compliment Meshulam Gotlieb on his professionalism and imagination in helping me clarify and develop important aspects of my PhD study [in psychology]. I highly recommend Meshulam for a very broad range of editing assistance. (Dr. Pessy Krausz)

I want to thank you for your carefull and intelligent review of the article [entitled, "Contemporary Religious Movements within Mexico’s Aleppan Jewish Community"], I really appreciate your observations and comments.... Thank you again for your excellent work on my paper. Of course you may post my comment on your work in your web site. If I have future articles in English I will not hesitate to send them to you. (Dr. Liz Hamui Sutton, UNAM [The National University of Mexico])

Many thanks for your wonderful work, truly well done, no more comments!

Hope to enjoy your work again in my future papers. (Dr. Ilia Rodov, Head of the Department of Jewish Art, Bar-Ilan University)

...Clearly the translation was done wholeheartedly, as if it were your own article. Thanks and thanks again. (Dr. L. Himmelfarb, Dept. of Bible, Bar Ilan University)

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