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Contact me by phone or email to let me know the parameters of the job and your time frame and send me a copy of the manuscript. After reading the manuscript promptly, I will be in touch to determine with you the level(s) of editing or type of translation required. I will provide you with an estimated time frame for the project and a FREE price quote. During the course of the project, I will be free to contact you with questions, and you can contact me by phone or email. After the project has been completed, I will explain any editorial changes or translations requiring clarification, and I will further revise the document as needed to ensure you feel your meaning has been accurately expressed. All information about you and about the material you send to me will be kept confidential.

How I Work


Following Israel Translation Association fee guidelines for translation, I charge by the word, so you basically know upfront how much the service will cost. (For translations from Hebrew into English, depending upon the original language and style, add between thirty-three and fifty percent to the Hebrew word count to estimate the number of words in translation.) All fee quotes are based on a total page count, wherein each page is 250 words in the target language.

For English language editing, fees may be set at an hourly rate or on a per page basis (wherein every 250 words in the original manuscript constitute a page). Every manuscript is unique, so the level of editing and the time needed to edit varies. Consequently, the rate for each project will be negotiated based on the parameters of the project, the level of editing required, and the time frame agreed upon.

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