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Levels of Editing Offered:


Correcting errors in the rules of standard written English, including the following:




sentence structure

shifts in tone, tense, person and number

subject-verb agreement

modifier placement


improper word usage (e.g., principal for principle, affective for effective)

typographical errors

Basic and Advanced Copyediting


Checking for consistency

Checking adherence to the appropriate system of citations (e.g., Chicago Manual of Style, APA)

Checking consistency and style of transliterations

Improving coherence between adjoining sentences.

Rewording awkward phrases

Formatting the text to fit the requirements of a particular journal

Content and Substantive Editing

Advanced copyediting

Adding, deleting, or moving small portions of text in order to tighten the prose

Strengthening text by adding descriptive word choices

Checking logical flow of argument in text

Checking agreement between contents in various parts of the text

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