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Who Am I


BA - (w/ distinction) in English Literature and Talmud, Bar Ilan University, Israel

MA - (w/ distinction) in English Literature, Bar Ilan University, Israel

including a course in translation studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Semikha – Yoreh Yoreh (Rabbinic Ordination) - Beit Midrash Meretz, Mevasseret Zion, Israel

Hilkhot Niddah, Shabbat and Eruvin - Chief Rabbinate of Israel

PhD – Ongoing Graduate Studies at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hebrew Literature Dept.,

Midrash and Aggadah Section (currently on hold)

How I became a professional editor and translator...

My interest in translation and editing is a natural outgrowth of my training in English Literature and Composition and my extensive study of classical Jewish texts. Having studied English Renaissance translations of Psalms extensively during my MA in English Literature and taken a course in translation studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I gained both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to translate. On a professional level, as a teacher of English composition and literature (Bar Ilan University, English Department, 1992-1995) and later as an investigator and supervisor for materials developed for "The Program for the Teaching of Mishnah and Talmud" (Bar Ilan University, Talmud Department, 2002-2003), I realized that my natural joy in playing with language and teaching others how to improve their own writing uniquely positioned me as a translator and editor of primary and secondary Jewish Studies texts, a joy I still experience to this day. I officially joined the Israel Translators Association in 2007 and have spoken at several national conferences and published in the association's journal Targima.

Member of the Israel Translators Association

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