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I specialize in editing and/or translating (Hebrew to English ) full-length books, dissertations, theses, journal submissions and literary works in the following fields:

Judaic StudiesHumanities, especially literature and historySocial Sciences, especially education and psychologyTorah Studies

I have extensive experience in editing and/or translating for:

Private ClientsPublishing HousesAcademics and Academic InstitutionsNot-for-profit Organizations

Professional Credo

If English is your native language and you've written a manuscript, I'll help fine-tune it, ensuring that you've found the right words to express your ideas.

If English is your second language, I'll either translate your document with your target audience in mind or I'll edit it to make you sound like a well-educated native speaker.

I am firmly committed to quality and excellence in editing and translation.

How many days, weeks, months and years have you spent working on this document? Let me use my experience to finish the job for you. Give it the care and respect it deserves, as you near the finish line!

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